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The Growfarm® System

New Zealand’s ONLY farm profit system for sheep and beef farmers, the Growfarm® System helps sheep and beef farmers step up and take control of their businesses, to create the profits and other outcomes they really want for their lives and families.

Growfarm® uses a unique system of:
  • the true profit model
  • farm businesses coaching and personal development
  • Cloud-based business profit analysis and forecasting (ProfitLIVE®)
  • team culture / networking
 Growfarm® clients use this system to:
  • simplify their decision making
  • take control of their time and
  • put in place systems to deliver profit under any of the conditions they may face.

The Growfarm® System has seen our clients bank more profit, secure their future, take care of their families and feel a lot happier about their own capabilities going forward.

GF System cog diagram2

You choose how you work with the Growfarm® System, based on what you need for your farm business. Check it out below....

The Growfarm System diagram


Read below to find the most suitable level for you


GF System best if you 4... table

GF System what you get 4... table

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